Merkurius is a website all about video games, big and small, good and bad, fat and thin. On here you’ll find your straight-forward 5/5-style reviews alongside articles, interviews and other texts that dig into the games themselves and the culture that surrounds them. You’ve seen a video game blog before and this is one of those.


My name is Rikard Olsson. You might have seen my name in a copy of PC Gamer, the oldest and best Swedish magazine about pc gaming, or in FeTT Magazine or on FZ.se. I have written about video games since 2002, with my texts appearing in now-defunct sites like Nordic Gamers, Spel2, Audioscribbler and the very-much still going Critical Gamer. I’ve also worked as a tester for the first two games in the Kinect Sports series.


Because that’s what I love to do. I write a lot and not all of it ends up being published elsewhere, so Merkurius is where you will find the rest.


If there is something you can’t wait to get off your chest, you can ask it to me in an email to merkurius.me [at] outlook.com.